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Digital marketing is not an endless money grab and a necessary evil. 

I'll help you with ways that work and make it fun.

Why and how exactly could I help you?

Let's start traditionally and boringly with the fact that I have been an entrepreneur since 2005. Along the way, there have been many different trainings and things learned through trial and error.

Business Breakfast
Business Breakfast


My mission is to make you feel that selling in digital channels is easy and fun and that marketing is not just a boring chore that drains the bank account.

In the blog and the "Tip of the Week" letter, you will find tools that you can use immediately and use them to improve the chances of achieving your company's goals.


Content production for different channels is fun and clear with the right strategy. Communication is interesting and reaches customers and your company can be found in search engines. The company's story is interesting and it evokes emotions. Everyone can succeed in the world of digital marketing and sales.

Using Digital Gadget
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